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ACE facts, specification and data

Download the ACE fact sheet

  • ACE is a university-owned and operated testing and research facility with a working area of approximately 16,300 square metres (175,452 square feet). 
  • ACE is a flexible, dynamic and secure one-stop-shop with a full range of testing facilities, educational and research labs, and available offices or hoteling space for faculty, academic and industry visitors.
  • ACE is a commercial test facility; it is available for any research, testing and/or product development project that requires controlling the climate to tight tolerances and then repeating that condition over and over again.
  • ACE is where industry leaders, researchers and some of the best and brightest students collaborate to develop, test and validate innovations with a focus on bringing them to market as rapidly as possible.
  • ACE is designed to be a collaboration space. Office and lab space are both available to rent and to provide the opportunity for student/researcher/industry interaction and collaboration.
  • The facility's climatic wind tunnel has extreme weather capabilities along with a large yawing chassis dynamometer that can, for the first time anywhere, test properties in crosswinds. It has a solar array to replicate the effects of the sun, and is also hydrogen-capable, allowing for fuel cell development.
  • ACE is a premier electric vehicle (EV) charger-testing facility. We are setup to test electric, hydrogen fuel-cell, autonomous vehicles (AV) and test battery performance in a full spectrum of climate conditions.

  • This commercial test facility is available for rent to manufacturers of all descriptions, start-up companies and researchers in Canada and around the globe.
  • ACE is a solutions provider; we work with our clients to provide solutions for their development and testing needs.