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What kinds of tests are carried out at this facility?

You can test for severe climate or conduct life cycle and durability testing. For example, industry and researchers can test situations such as:

  • Starting up a vehicle and driving away in severe Arctic climates.
  • The impact of blowing snow, severe ice, rain and humidity.
  • Towing a trailer up a steep hill in intense desert heat.
  • Driving on an extremely bumpy road for days or weeks.

How is ACE different from other research facilities in Canada?

ACE is one of the most advanced testing centres in the world. It is owned by Ontario Tech University and is located on the university’s north campus location in Oshawa, Ontario.

This truly independent test facility is commercially available to customers who want to bring their ideas into a proof of concept and make them ready for market. Clients include manufacturers of all descriptions, startup companies and researchers in Canada and from around the world. The entire facility or specific chambers can be rented at a globally competitive hourly rate. ACE is available and accessible to all industries and all companies. 

ACE has a full range of test facilities including a unique five-storey-high climatic wind tunnel (CWT). The CWT features an integrated design and functionality. It has a variable nozzle and a yawing chassis dynamometer that can, for the first time anywhere, test properties in crosswinds.

What security measures are in place to protect proprietary information?

Ensuring privacy and protecting proprietary information is critical. Access to the facility will be tightly controlled with many of the areas accessible only by a security RFID card. Tight schedules will be established and private preparation areas will be assigned so clients can work without disruption. The test results will be seen by ACE staff only, and will be handed off to the client immediately after testing.

Who is able to use the facility and how long can you book it for?

ACE will be available for rent to manufacturers of all sizes, as well as startup businesses and researchers from Canada and around the globe. The facility will try to accommodate everyone who needs it.

How do I book time at the facility?

Please contact Mark KlintworthBusiness Development Manager, at 905.809.3480.

How much will it cost to book all or part of the facility?

The rates for the climatic wind tunnel and the various test cells will be competitive with existing test and research facilities across the globe. Please contact Mark KlintworthBusiness Development Manager, at 905.809.3480. to discuss rates.

Can I tour the ACE facility?

Yes, people are encouraged to come and see the ACE facility. Please contact Maria Barrese, ACE Business and Finance Co-ordinator, to arrange a tour.