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Mark Klintworth

Manager of Business Development



As the Manager of Business Development, Mark directs all aspects of Sales and Marketing for ACE. Mark is the initial contact for customers who contact ACE and works with our engineers and technicians to connect with customers about their test objectives and to develop a test plan that delivers on these objectives.

Mark also manages the marketing strategic planning and collaborates with ACE managers to develop and plan ACE’s marketing, web presence, social media, and digital advertising. You can connect with Mark at conferences and trade shows across North America.

Mark first started working at the university in 2002. He has worked in the private sector in advertising and sales and worked in corporate relations and industry partnerships at universities and colleges in Canada and the USA. Mark returned to Ontario Tech and is the bridge between ACE’s clients and our engineering team - he works to help deliver solutions to the broad range of customers that connect with ACE for their testing requirements.