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Remote Testing

ACE has developed a process to allow for testing in the Climatic Wind Tunnel with remote real-time monitoring by clients in a secure fashion. This capability will enable clients to complete testing even if they are unable to be onsite at ACE. As well, at ACE we have always maintained our security protocols and maintained high standards of confidentiality when dealing with client test objects.

 Components for Remote Testing

Clients will send their test objects (fully instrumented or provided with sufficient lead time for ACE to install the instrumentation). However, client personnel do not need to be in attendance. ACE will provide video and data feeds that allow you to control and monitor the test session.

How testing works at ACE Implementation
Component 1: Live Video ACE will provide several views of the exterior of the vehicle, the instrument cluster, the test chamber, and the monitor displaying data of the chamber test characteristics. Multiple ways of broadcasting/streaming the video content to the client: 1. Secure YouTube server with access control and via invite-only 2. Local UDP stream and screen share via device by the client.
Component 2: Real-Time Data ACE will provide a data feed on a platform and network that meets your privacy and security policies. ACE can collaborate with your IT team to develop a data feed that meets stringent cybersecurity requirements. Data comprises of two parts: Client Vehicle Data and Climatic Wind Tunnel Data. Both feeds can be merged into a single secure platform/device which is provided by the client.
Component 3: Live Conference (Audio + Video) feed within CWT Control Room During the testing, a live Google Meet (or another video meeting platform) will be used. ACE can collaborate with your IT team to ensure that the meeting session adheres to your cybersecurity requirements. Live feed: Using Google Meet (or another video meeting platform). Live feed streaming will be used in collaboration with the Climatic Wind Tunnel Control Room for accurate visuals and results. 

Specifications of Remote Testing  

  • Use of Google Meet, or other preferred conferencing methods
  • Live feed results
  • Invite-only links for conference calls
  • 4 HD 4K CCTV cameras
  • Encryption 256 Bit between the TCP/UDP on the YouTube server and the media server

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