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Sachin Anchan

Sachin Anchan headshot. 

Electrical and Operations Engineer

Automotive Engineering M.Eng


Sachin is a test engineer with ACE, specializing in Automotive Engineering, electronics and control systems. His day-to-day work includes ensuring our facilities are operational for our clients, working together with our clients to develop and execute test plans, and leading the electrical ideas and project for the moving ground plane project.

At ACE, he is interested in supporting the development of race cars and electric vehicles. He is a car enthusiast, and his main areas of interest are vehicle handling, vehicle customization, composite material study, sound system etc.

Before joining ACE, Sachin worked with Multimatic for the Ford GT program and Honda for the 2022 civic platform. He completed his Master’s from the University of Windsor in Automotive Engineering, Project management from Fleming College and his Bachelor of Science, Electronics and instrumentation degree from Karunya University.