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Large Climatic Chamber

This chamber is unique due to its exceptionally long test section, which accommodates vehicles as large as an articulated buses. It also contains a Mustang 1,000 horse-power chassis dynamometer and a solar array to simulate the sun. You also have the option of connecting to the small climate chamber through an inter-chamber door, which permits the insertion of a test bench to effect a 'three-chamber' mode that includes:

  • climatic wind tunnel
  • large climate chamber
  • small climate chamber


A vast number of sectors can utilize ACE’s climatic chambers. Any product, component or idea that needs climatic validation or testing will find significant value in this chamber.

Testing examples:

  • cold or hot starts for vehicles
  • engine tuning (on Mustang dynamometer)
  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) testing
  • physiological/cognitive human trial tests
  • product validation in extreme temperatures or solar conditions

Mustang Dynamometer   Solar Panel Testing

Key features

  • Exceptionally long test section to permit articulated buses.
  • Temperature from -40oC to +60oC and relative humidity from five per cent to 95 per cent.
  • Chassis dynamometer.
  • Solar simulation system up to 1,200 W/m2  intensity.
  • Inter-chamber door to small climate chamber, which permits the insertion of a test bench to effect a  ‘three-chamber’ mode.
  • Complete suite of ancillary systems for customer vehicle operation, including hydrogen and electric vehicle compatibility.

Test section features 

Overall dimensions

  • Length: 20.8 metres
  • Width: 6 metres
  • Height: 5.55 metres

Vehicle entry clearance

  • 3.93 metres wide x 4.49 metres high to outside.
  • 4.26 metres wide x 4.49 metres high to transfer area.

Inter-chamber door clearance

  • Width: 2.01 metres
  • Height: 2.01 metres

Primary exhaust extraction system

  • Dual mode: open-pipe or closed-pipe with back-pressure regulation.
  • Maximum flow rate: 0.62 kg/sec (8.5 litre, 400 horse-power engine)
  • Maximum inlet exhaust temperature: 650oC.

Secondary vehicle exhaust extraction system

Garage-type open pipe (two pipes).

In-chamber power

Outlets for plug-in vehicles.

Test Section Features

Thermal performance specifications 

Thermal Performance Specifications

Other performance:

  • Maximum cooling rate: +60oC to -40oC in six hours.
  • Temperature uniformity: σ = 0.33°C (tested at 20°C).

Chassis dynamometer specifications 

Manufacturer and model

Mustang Engineering Co (MD-AWD-500-SE)

Vehicle types

Passenger car, light duty trucks

Axle configurations

  • front-wheel drive (FWD)
  • rear-wheel drive
  • four-wheel drive
  • all-wheel drive (AWD)

Roll width

940 mm (seven identical per side: five front, two rear)

Clear space between rolls

610 mm (identical front and rear)

Wheelbase range

2,134 to 3,556 mm

Mechanical Inertia

  • 888 kg (front)
  • 983 kg (rear)

Total inertial simulation range

907 to 5,448 kg

Maximum axle load

2,727 kg

Maximum vehicle weight

5,448 kg

Maximum speed

  • 280 kph FWD
  • 240 kph AWD

Motor type

  • Eddy current, power-absorbing only

Nominal maxim power

  • 447 kW (front roll set)
  • 894 kW (total)

Continuous tractive force rating

  • 6,227 N (front roll set)
  • 12,455 N (total)


  • robot driver
  • customer-specified drive cycles
Car on Chassis Dynamometer

Solar simulation system specifications 


KHS Steuernagel

Target size

  • Length: 5.6 metres
  • Width: 2.5 metres (fixed)
  • 1.5 metre above test section floor

Intensity range

600 to 1,200 kW/m2


ASTM Std E-892

Intensity quality

  • Uniformity ±10 per cent
  • Stability ±2 per cent


  • Metal halide
  • 18 total