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Advanced Hydrogen Vehicle Development

The transportation and mobility sector is undergoing its largest transition in over 100 years. As the movement from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) continues, Ontario Tech’s ACE Core Research Facility has enhanced our capability and expertise to work with our partners and clients to lead the way in Research, Testing and Product Development in the rapidly evolving  zero-emission technologies of Battery Electric vehicles and DC Fast Charging.

The transition to zero-emission also includes Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hydrogen ICE. ACE is the North American leader in Research, Testing and Product Development to support Advanced Hydrogen Vehicle Development.

 Anticipating the Market

  • ACE Facility was designed and built in 2009/10 with hydrogen capability – understanding that research and development would require multiple capabilities
    • Multiple Chambers constructed with H2 Detection Capability
    • Extensive Chamber Purging Capability

Hydrogen Tube Trailer

 Market Driven

The Ontario Tech ACE Core Research Facility has strong relationships with the vehicle development marketplace. We have listened to our customers and researchers and enhanced the ACE Facility with exceptional capability to support Hydrogen Vehicle Development
  • We have added high pressure piping for cascading hydrogen to multiple test chambers 
  • Testing with on-vehicle hydrogen tanks and refilling capability on site

Listening to the Market

  • We are seeing the first demand and market push is in the Heavy-Duty Vehicle marketplace. ACE has conducted research and testing in our chambers for:
      • Class 8 Trucks
      • Railway / Locomotive applications
      • Large diesel replacement applications

Safety - Considerations for Research and Development Facility and Test Objects

  • There are multiple chambers in the ACE Core Research Facility with
    • Detection; air sampling and flame detection
    • Controls; immediate action when detected
    • Purging; 3x the purging capability than regulatory requirement
    • Explosion proof accumulation zones