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Hydrogen Commercialization and Demonstration Centre

Transport truck fueled by Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Commercialization and Demonstration Centre (HCDC) is a one-of-a-kind hub for innovation. We are a full-service facility, providing industry partners with manufacturing, administrative and academic support in their hydrogen prototype developing projects. 

Located within the ACE Core Research Facility, the HCDC is committed to Ontario Tech University's ethos "Tech with a Conscience." ACE is a world-class research and development facility that services countless industries. Our Engineers and Technicians are leading experts in research and development, with years of practical manufacturing experience. They are available to support your projects as needed. Also available to you are academic resources including the Vice-President of Research and Innovation (VPRI), the Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL), faculty research and more. 

Our mission at the HCDC is to work with global industry partners to generate a net zero future. 

Addressing Market Demand

The North American market demand for facilities that can assist in the development of hydrogen-based energy and mobility technologies is growing rapidly. However, there are limited options for companies with plans to take new technologies that address carbon reduction through alternative energy solutions to the market. Ontario Tech is leading the way in filling this gap through the Ontario Tech Hydrogen Commercialization and Demonstration Centre.

The HCDC is a collective of the broad Ontario Tech expertise and capability in Hydrogen, bringing together strong expertise in:

  • Hydrogen production at the Clean Energy Research Centre (CERL)
  • Fuel cell research and development in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Hydrogen mobility testing and development at the ACE Core Research Facility

By aligning these resources as required on a project-by-project basis, Ontario Tech is a leader in partnering with industry to bring hydrogen technology-based solutions to market and addressing Climate Change through carbon reducing technologies and products. 

Conception of the HCDC

Rendering of Project ArrowThe HCDC structure was developed based on the success of Project Arrow in constructing a working prototype through collaboration with Industry, Industry Associations and Government funding. 

Our mission for the HCDC is to pave the way in global innovation with hydrogen-based energy. Our facility has the infrastructure for product design, development, testing and verification of hydrogen-fueled prototypes. This makes us the choice partner for industry experts pioneering new hydrogen-based technology. 

Bringing Hydrogen Technology Applied Solutions to Market

HCDC Project Chart to bring Hydrogen Technology Applied Solutions to MarketThe HCDC is located at Ontario Tech University, within the ACE Core Research Facility. This is a state-of-the-art research and development facility that specializes in innovation in a variety of industries. The HCDC and ACE offer expert engineering, technical and administrative support.

Ontario Tech University offers our Industry Partners the option of utilizing academic resources, including those offered by the VPRI, CERL and faculty research.

Any combination of the HCDC's resources are available to support your projects.

Why the HCDC?

  • World Class Facilities
    • Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL) - led by Dr. Ibrahim Dincer, one of the world’s most cited hydrogen researchers.
    • ACE - one of the world’s most advanced climatic and aerodynamic research and testing facilities offers multi-chamber hydrogen research and development with cascading, board tanks and the opportunity for refueling options in an approved and regulated environment. 
  • Commitment to Industry Collaboration
    • The HCDC offers a powerful combination of research expertise, and a dedicated team of engineers and technicians within a commercial environment to help industry partners create hydrogen prototypes
  • Intellectual Property

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