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ACE media and film


ACE, located at Ontario Tech University, is a high-tech research and testing facility that serves location managers who want to produce multiple shoots of diverse environments in a single day. Producers can save time and money by shooting in our high-tech buildings, labs and offices as well as on our university campus locations on the same day. A farm and a large pond on campus provide even more opportunities to maximize your production's efficiency.

ACE includes one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels in the world. The wind tunnel can generate winds up to 280 km/hour, produce temperatures from -40° to 60° Celsius, and humidity between five per cent and 95 per cent. It can also create snow and rain conditions ranging from light snow or rain to a blizzard or hurricane. The wind tunnel also features solar simulation: the ability to recreate any daylight condition from morning to night. Not only does this chamber have a high-tech look, but it also has the potential to be the ultimate climatic greenroom.

ACE has four other high-tech testing chambers, three large garage bays, lifts, large industrial doors, control rooms and many industrial rooms filled with circuit boards, piping and large machinery used to operate the facility. All of these provide even more filming options.

Maximize your return by utilizing all the different locations ACE has to offer, and enjoy truly endless filming possibilities - all in one place.

For more information, contact Andrew Karski at 905.621.7147.