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Rick Szymczyk

Rick's headshot photo in the MAST.

Senior R&D Engineering Manager


Rick’s many years of experience span the largest automobile manufacturers to the smallest enterprises. His engineering capability helps the ACE team engage with a wide variety of customers and industry collaborators as they prepare their technologies for the market.

Rick is a professional engineer with both an Electrical Systems Engineering degree and a Master of Business Administration degree and has been awarded multiple patents for his innovative work. Rick has succeeded in developing and deploying numerous electric vehicle fast charging systems using various complementary technologies representing an opportunity to learn and build. Rick currently leads ACE’s Electrical & Software Controls team to ensure systems are functional, adaptable, and innovative to meet evolving customer needs.

Rick previously worked in manufacturing, design, energy and innovation for General Motors and has worked in startup environments. Committed to lifelong learning, Rick brings his extensive electrical engineering experience by converting novel ideas into practical, sustainable solutions for customers while working to provide knowledge for all involved.