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Vehicle in ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel
ACE Automotive

Thermal Management

Thermal Management is our core business. Whole vehicle testing including underbody thermal management, battery performance under extreme conditions, and performance under solar loading are a few examples of ways we can test vehicle development.

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Truck in wind tunnel covered in snow and ice
ACE weather

Bone-chilling blizzard conditions

ACE can create any weather condition imaginable, from the paralyzing cold of an arctic storm to a sweltering jungle downpour.

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UAV drone in weather testing
ACE Centre for UAV Research

UAV climatic testing

Take your R&D to the harshest place on Earth.

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Cyclist training in wind tunnel
ACE high performance

Develop, discover and train

From product development, to human performance research to extreme climatic group rides, ACE brings new excitement to the world of cycling.

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Firefighters training for vehicle rescue in wind tunnel
ACE research

Firefighting training and research

Researching the effects of extreme weather conditions on the health and safety of the fire service personnel with Toronto Fire Service.

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Camera crew and ACE personnel
Film production at ACE

Film, television and digital media

ACE is home to award-winning film and TV productions. Maximize your return by utilizing all the different locations the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel has to offer, and enjoy truly endless filming possibilities—all in one place.

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