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About ACE

ACE is a world-class research and development facility and has experienced engineers and technicians to deliver solutions to any product development or testing problem.

Our environment can re-create any weather conditions a test object will experience anywhere in the world, from the blistering heat in Death Valley to the frigid conditions in the Arctic. We can test vehicles operating under full load with crosswinds and wind speeds up to 280 km/h.

We use our multiple chambers to:

  • Inspire students
  • Conduct research
  • Test automotive, architectural and aerospace products
  • Improve the performance of elite athletes and first responders
  • Provide services to many other markets including the tech industry, film production and motorsports

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What we do at ACE

Automotive testing

Thermal management is our core business. Whole vehicle testing including underbody thermal management, battery performance under extreme conditions, and performance under solar loading are a few examples of ways we can test vehicle development.

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Develop, discover and train

ACE’s climatic capabilities make it ideal for high-performance testing, research, product development and training for a variety of sports and disciplines. From cycling and skiing, to wind surfing and sailing, our one-of-a-kind facility aims to make athletes perform better.

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Ace filming

Film, television and digital media

ACE is home to award-winning film and TV productions. Maximize your return by utililzing all the different locations the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel has to offer, and enjoy truly endless filming possibilities—all in one place.

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Architecture and civil engineering

We are experts at a wide spectrum of climate testing for civil engineers and architects. Wind, rain, snow, freezing rain and ice testing can be conducted on a full spectrum of buildings, walls, roofs, solar panels and almost any other test object you can provide.

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Aerospace and defence testing

ACE is your single point of contact for access to climatic facilities, equipment and technical expertise that have produced some of today's most innovative aerospace and defense assets.

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Contact the ACE team

Contact the ACE team

Testing Chambers

Testing Chambers

Facility Specifications

Facility Specifications

Climatic Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel (CAWT)

Climatic Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel (CAWT)

350 kW DC Fast Charger

ACE recently introduced the 350-kilowatt, 500-amp modular in-chamber DC Fast Charger, which permits faster charging with the capability to operate in a temperature-controlled environment in three of its five chambers, the Climatic Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel, Large Climatic Chamber, and Small Climatic Chamber. As the future of the automotive industry progresses, ACE provides OEMs access to a world-class research facility that will actively assist in guiding this sector towards the development of electric vehicles.


Remote Testing

ACE has always maintained its security protocols and high standards of confidentiality when dealing with client test objects. In addition to the existing security measures, ACE has developed a process to provide vehicle testing in the Climatic Wind Tunnel with remote real-time monitoring by clients in a secure fashion. This capability enables clients to complete testing even if they are unable to be onsite at ACE. 

remote testing and security plan

Project Arrow

We have spent the last decade working with Canadian partners, from large ones like Multimatic and Magna, to small and medium-sized companies (SMB/SME) developing transformative technologies for the automotive industry. With our internationally recognized faculty and expert research staff, the results include game-changing advances in climatic aerodynamics, vehicle electrification including new fast-charging technologies, automotive software, and advanced driver-assist systems taking the auto industry down the path to autonomy. 


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