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ACE automotive, truck and transit testing

Nissan Leaf Being Tested in ACE's Climatic Wind Tunnel    Car seat being testing on Multi-Axis Shaker Table in Anechoic Chamber 

Toyota Prius Having Suspension Testing on the 4-Poster Shaker    Winter Climatic Testing in the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel

The unique test facilities at ACE help researchers and customers obtain a competitive edge by providing research, advanced development, testing and evaluation for all forms of surface vehicle transportation. ACE’s one-of-a-kind climatic test facility is an essential step in ensuring your products are of high quality when they go to market.

ACE’s five chambers include:

  • climatic wind tunnel with yawing capabilities
  • large climate chamber (solar and dyno)
  • small climate Chamber
  • climatic four-poster shaker
  • multi-axis shaker table located within an anechoic chamber

ACE is available for all automotive companies to test and perfect their products. Contact us for more information.

Bust Testing in Climatic Wind Tunnel    Large Semi in the Climatic Wind Tunnel

Typical test types for cars, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles include:

Aerodynamic development

  • influence of chassis modifications on vehicle aerodynamics
  • cross-flow impact in adverse climate conditions
  • front-end and under-hood airflow characterization

HVAC and engine cooling development

  • performance under solar loading
  • underbody thermal management
  • various traffic patterns
  • defroster patterns
  • refrigerant charging
  • passenger comfort testing
  • component and system level testing
  • durability, life-cycle and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing
  • engine and fuel calibration
  • hill-climb simulation
  • snow/rain/freezing rain ingestion and accumulation
  • cold- and hot-start ability
  • battery performance under extreme conditions
  • splash and spray
  • windshield wiper performance