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Vijyat Bhalla


Senior R&D Engineering Manager


At ACE, Vijyat uses his diversified background in information technology, finance and engineering to work directly with clients, providing solutions in data acquisition and control systems. He leads the moving ground plane (MGP) implementation project and is responsible for its seamless integration. 

Vijyat likes to get involved in other projects outside of his core responsibility. In the past, he mentored Ontario Tech University game-design students to complete their capstone projects. He also holds two patents: one of them is for a concept for a fully functional financial application architecture, and the other is for a heads-up-display interface that integrates augmented reality.

Before joining ACE in 2016, Vijyat started his career as a Junior Financial Controller for Mercedes. His responsibilities included overseeing the OPEX and CAPEX budget, as well as preparing financial reports. Vijyat is a proud graduate of Ontario Tech University and was one of the first student interns hired by ACE. His experience and dedication made him the right choice to manage the $15 million MGP Integration Project, which will enhance the world-class testing and development facility at ACE.