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Small Climatic Chamber

The ACE Small Climatic Chamber (SCC) is a dynamic testing space suitable for many different sectors. Due to its broad range of climatic capabilities, it is ideal for test factors such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation. The ACE facility is expertly designed to connect our primary climatic chambers through an inter-chamber door. This permits the insertion of a test bench to create a 'three-chamber' mode that includes the SCC, Large Climatic Chamber (LCC) and our Climatic Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel (CAWT). 


ACE's climatic chambers are suitable for many different sectors. Any product, component or idea that needs climatic validation or testing will find significant value in this chamber. 

Examples of tests conducted in the Small Climatic Chamber include:

  • Cold or hot starts for vehicles
  • Human trial tests
  • Humidity and moisture testing
  • Material testing and product validation in extreme temperatureChevy in Small Climatic Chamber

Key Features

  • Space to accommodate two vehicles side-by-side
  • Temperature from -40ºC to +60ºC and relative humidity from 5 per cent to 95 per cent
  • Precipitation capabilities including rain, freezing rain, and snow
  • 350 kW DC Fast Charger
  • Inter-chamber door to large climate chamber, which permits the insertion of a test bench to effect a 'three-chamber' mode
  • Directly linked to climatic wind tunnel via dry-transfer area
  • Complete suite of ancillary systems for customer vehicle operation, including hydrogen and electric vehicle compatibility 
Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Development

Hydrogen Development

350 kW DC Fast Charger

ABB Fast Charger in SCC

ACE recently introduced the 350-kilowatt, 500-amp modular DC Fast Charger, which permits faster charging with the capability to operate in a temperature-controlled environment in three of its five chambers, including the Small Climatic Chamber. As the future of the automotive industry progresses, ACE provides OEMs access to a world-class research facility that will actively assist in guiding this sector towards the development of electric vehicles.

Precipitation Testing

Transformer and Rain Rig in SCC

The precipitation capabilities at ACE are limitless. We have the equipment to make and validate various forms of precipitation and we have the tools and techniques necessary to understand and characterize it. Our configurable system allows us to match any testing requirements. 

Specifications of the Small Climatic Chamber

Overall dimensions
  • Length: 9 metres
  • Width: 6 metres
  • Height: 5.5 metres
Vehicle entry clearance
  • 3.68 metres wide x 4.49 metres high to outside
  • 4.26 metres wide x 4.49 metres high to transfer area
Inter-chamber door clearance
  • Width: 2.01 metres
  • Height: 2.01 metres
Passive exhaust extraction Garage-type
In-chamber power Outlets for plug-in vehicles

Thermal performance chart

Other performance:

  • Maximum cooling rate: +60ºC to -40ºC in six hours
  • Temperature uniformity: σ = 0.17ºC (tested at 20ºC)
Specifications Terra HP 350
Max Power Output

350kW peak
320 kW continuous

AC Input Voltage Range UL: 3-phase, 480Y/277 V AC +/- 10% (60% Hz)
CSA: 3-phase, 600 V AC +/- 10% (60% Hz) 
AC Input Connection L1, L2, L3, GND (no neutral)
Nominal Input Current and Input Power Rating UL: 2 x 231 A, 384 kVa
CSA: 370 A, 384 kVa
Recommended Upstream Circuit Breaker(s) UL: 2 x 300 A
CSA: 2 x 250 A
Power Factor > 0.97
Current THD IEEE 519 Compliant; <8%; option for 5%
DC Output Current 500 A CCS-1
200 A CHAdeMO
Efficiency 95% at full load
Charger/EVSE Location Output Capacity Charging Protocol
Power Charge EX-1193 EVSE (Two Available) Mobile 208-250 VAC
89A Continuous
19.2 kW SAE J1772
Clipper Creek DS-100 EVSE Mobile 240 VAC
32A Continuous
7.2 kW SAE J1772

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