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Automotive communications, software and electronics

The innovative application of information and communications technologies (ICT) to automotive systems is the focus of this research area in automotive communications, software and electronics. Specific current research includes wireless communications for vehicular applications, control systems, automotive software systems, haptics (devices that respond to touch, without requiring a driver to look away from the road), power electronics and simulation methodologies for automotive applications. Vehicle to grid research is also being conducted. This is examining how electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can better communicate with the power grid, to utilize electricity from intermittent sources like wind or solar energy, or deliver electricity into the grid.

Faculty members

Selected publications and grants

Cherkaoui, S., Liscano, R., Vehicle Communications and Applications, AUTO21 Research Grant, 2009.

Liscano, R., Traffic Analysis for the Purposes of Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Defence Research and Development Canada, 2009.

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Sayeed, S., Liscano, R., Ahmad, A., "Performance Measurement of XML Compression Algorithms for DSRC Messages", IEEE 32nd Conference on Local Computer Networks, Dublin, Ireland, 2007.