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Research theme areas

Vehicle thermal management

  • energy storage
  • heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) interior systems
  • thermal and fluid-structure interaction
  • vehicle aerodynamics
  • vehicle thermal modelling

Vehicle dynamics and performance

  • active safety and steering systems
  • active vibration control
  • automotive electro-mechanical systems
  • driver-in-the-loop real-time simulations
  • integrated vehicle control systems
  • multidisciplinary design optimization for vehicles
  • steer by wire
  • vehicle lateral stability control
  • vehicle system dynamics

Electric/hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels (hydrogen, biofuels)

  • advanced hybrid powertrains
  • alternative fuels
  • battery module design
  • fuel cells
  • life cycle assessment
  • vehicle control systems

Automotive manufacturing and materials

  • automotive assembly
  • lighter weight materials
  • machining of automotive materials
  • manufacturing and production processes for cost reduction
  • quality and efficiency improvements
  • robotics
  • sheet metal stamping
  • smart materials
  • welding

Automotive communications, software and electronics

  • automotive software and control systems
  • electronics and mechatronics for performance enhancement
  • haptics
  • power electronics
  • vehicle to grid
  • wireless communications for vehicular applications