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ACE fundraising and special events

ACE is Canada’s most unique and exciting venue for charities to hold successful, one-of-a-kind fundraising events. The facility's massive climatic wind tunnel can be transformed into a fun and memorable venue that will have participants reminiscing about the experience months after the event has concluded. We will work with any idea your charity or foundation can imagine to make an unforgettable fundraising experience.

ACE makes it easy for you to run your event by providing fun and exciting options to choose from, and organizing event logistics—thereby allowing your charity to focus on raising money.

Dancing in the Rain    Dancing in the Climatic Wind Tunnel

Fundraising event possibilities

Ride Around the World climatic spin class

Experience the world’s most extreme spin class in ACE’s one-of-a-kind climatic wind tunnel. Start your ride in an Antarctic blizzard, then ride through high elevation in the alps, spring time in France and summer in Tuscany. Then spin through the scorching Sahara sun, along a breezy Caribbean coast and cross the finish line in a hot and humid tropical storm—all while raising money for a good cause.

Climatic Zumba/dance fitness

Have a blast dancing through all the climates of the world, from a chilly arctic afternoon to tropical heat. Then keep your crowd excited and smiling with a finale in a hot and humid rain storm. ACE’s climatic wind tunnel will deliver any climate you want to give participants a fun and unique experience. This fun-filled class is led by high-energy Zumba instructors and guaranteed to put smiles on participants' faces as they get active in the world’s most extreme Zumba class. 

Dancing in the Sun    Dancing in the Snow

Hot a wind tunnel

Experience the next step in the evolution of yoga in ACE’s climatic wind tunnel! Whether it’s a yoga class or yoga marathon, ACE will differentiate your event from all the others. Experience a light ventilating wind throughout the session giving hot yoga a new fresh feel. Imagine your favorite pose in a cool summer breeze; a warrior pose in fierce gusts of wind; a mountain pose in a light sun shower; and cooling down under a setting sun. All this is possible at ACE, where hot yoga is taken to new levels of enjoyment.

Climatic gala/party

Host a one-of-a-kind fundraising event in different climate-themed rooms, and make it stand out from the rest. Kick back and get a tan by a Caribbean tiki bar while drinking your favourite cocktail. Lounge in a hot tub in the arctic while sipping a cold martini. Dance to your favourite song in a stormy wind with the hot summer sun beating down on you. At ACE, all of this can be accomplished within one facility, all at the same time. Let ACE be the venue for your most unique and successful fundraising gala yet.

Additions to your event

When organizing your fundraising event at ACE, you can pick from a large selection of add-ons to make your event a memorable and fun experience. Examples of additions are:

  • hot Caribbean tiki bar in a sizzling hot and sunny climate chamber
  • chilly hot tub room in an arctic-themed climate chamber
  • DJs
  • large selection of party equipment
  • relaxing sound-proof lounges
  • beer tents
  • catering

...and the list goes on….

Bounce Activity    Snowboarding Simulator

No idea is too crazy! If you have an idea for turning ACE’s climatic facility into a successful, fun and unique fundraising event, please let us know.

For more information, please contact Mark Klintworth at 905.809.3480.