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ACE automotive workshops

Enhance your engineering education with hands-on automotive workshops in North America’s most advanced automotive testing facility. Develop key skills alongside world class instructors ranging from aerodynamicists, engineers and industry experts. Learn how to improve the aerodynamic performance of race cars in a world-class wind tunnel, develop sensor technology for autonomous vehicles in ACE’s environmental chambers, optimize vehicle suspension on a four-poster shaker and test the impact of vibration on a multi-axis shaker table.

ACE creates a unique opportunity to get an edge in the industry, allowing you to apply theory learned in the classroom to solve complex industry problems. A broad selection of workshops are available at ACE to help prepare you for a future in the automotive industry. 

Workshops include:

  • Automotive Durability and Lifecycle Testing
  • Climatic Testing and Automotive Applications
  • Dynamometer Engine Tuning and Optimization
  • Motorsport: Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics
  • Practical Automotive Aerodynamics
  • Practical Automotive Thermodynamics